Be Loud

The Grand Army is a monumental part of each patron’s game day experience. We want the atmosphere to be set and raucous when new fans come to the stadium. We want the away team to know we are there in full force and will continue to make noise throughout the entire match. We are there to make the away team know that they are in our house. Flags will be flown, tifos will be shown, and chants will be sung the entire match.


Be Proud

The Grand Army was created when Grand Rapids FC was just a talk amongst the town. We were involved from the first scrimmage down to the first official match. We have travelled to see our club play, and we have made newsworthy noise at home. Our fans are deeply involved and well known by traveling fans before they get here.


Be Smart

Enjoy yourself by all means but do not degrade the environment. Please do not involve yourself in any physical altercations as you will be escorted out of Houseman Field and removed from the Grand Army. Feel free to heckle a referee or an opposing player; however, sexist, homophobic, racist, or disparaging comments about physical or mental handicaps will not be tolerated. Using this type of language will result in immediate dismissal from Houseman Field.


Be Passionate

This is what we have all been waiting for. We have all been fans in some way or another, but now we have our own club. Be proud of your club and do not do anything to harm its image. Members of the Grand Army are to assist with self-enforcing this code of conduct.