Mission Statement

The Grand Army is a community of supporters that exists to provide fans of GRFC a heightened game day experience and create a positive and raucous stadium atmosphere. We promote the love of soccer throughout the community and support GRFC players both on and off the pitch.



Our motto, Motu Viget, roughly translates to “Strength in activity.” It can be found on the City Seal of Grand Rapids and sums up our belief that we can strengthen GRFC through the actions of our supporters.



The Grand Army is a Non-Profit 501(c)(7) organization. We are an independent GRFC supporter’s group. The Grand Army is open to and inclusive of all who support GRFC and want to help create a boisterous game day experience. There are no fees for general membership. Just join us on the north side of Houseman Field and help us make noise all game long. If you are interested in becoming a voting member or would like to serve on the board, feel free to send us an email to learn more.

The Grand Army was created to combine the resources of our local soccer community in order to better the game day atmosphere and to help support the team as they travel to enemy territory. This is done through coordinating chants, songs, and tifo displays. Using merchandise sales and fundraising, we buy supplies for flags, banners, and tifo along with options for group travel to select away games. As an organization, The Grand Army works to be a liaison between individual supporters and the GRFC owners. We seek to be the voice of the GRFC community. We also work to give back to the city of Grand Rapids through community service while creating an honorable name for The Grand Army and soccer supporters throughout West Michigan.